so for some reason recently, i have decided to start writing a book. i have no idea why i want to, but ive started, and just today ive fully drafted the backstory and first chapter. im curious to see if i can actually finish this or not.

for those who likely read this blog, you’ll notice that i have this tendancy of starting something and giving up on it rather quickly. such as this blog of which i wanted to post daily on, but i lack the discipline and drive to actually do it.

part of why this is so funny is because i suck at writing. like, i got a 19 on the act for english and reading. along with that, my grammar is off, and i epic fail at keeping the stories straight. yet this is coming out great so far. its kind of like where i randomly…

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Men’s lacrosse looking to make its mark


Michael CosteinesStaff Writer

Behind Pelz Gym and adjacent from the baseball field lies a muddy, bare and shoe-printed field known as the Rugby Field. While used by the rugby team, it is also a practice facility to Southern’s club men’s lacrosse team on weekday evenings.

For many of the students, lacrosse practice comes after a long day of classes, sometimes they must even leave practice early to attend their next class. The players’ pinnies, helmets, lacrosse sticks and protective gear are either left their high school days or recently paid for out of their own pockets, not the school’s.

“The team is well organized for a club team and the competition is pretty good,” said head coach Anthony LoRiccio. “Since we started I see a great improvement in how these kids come out here and play.”

The club team competes in the Division II Pioneer Collegiate Lacrosse League…

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Review: The Vow (2011)

Empty Screens

Paige (Rachel McAdams) and Leo (Channing Tatum) are happily married and very much in love. When a car accident puts Paige in a coma, she wakes up without any recollection of her relationship with Leo. Doing his best to cope with the unfortunate situation and escalating distance between them, Leo battles obstacles (an ex-boyfriend and possessive parents) to remind her of the love they once shared in a bid to win her back.

Predicated upon the complexities and emotional resonance contained within the extraordinary events, The Vow, for the most part, breaks from the typical

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Why do you live?

Love and Life...They're a Gift! by James Filbird

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”

~ Friedrich Nietzsche

As long as we have a reason to live, then we can live through anything. This is the secret to a life that is full of zeal, power, energy, and influence. People who do great things in life overcome any and all obstacles they encounter because they keep their eyes focused on the thing(s) that help them endure to the end. Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines to achieve, but victory comes to the one who can endure. One way you can obtain the energy and passion for life is to look at life differently than you have done in the past. Attitude is everything when it comes to the things you encounter in life, so if you can change the way you view circumstances, then you just might find that living…

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Flash Fiction (13) – Seeking You

Miquel Shaw

This has been updated after reading some feedback from Em and Doug.  They were definitely right on the money with their advice.  Thanks guys!

Prompt from Inspiration Monday.  Go check it out for more prompts and more interpretations of those prompts.

Last Place You Look

I hate when people say they found it in                                                            the last place they looked.                                                                                     I want to shake them by their shoulders.                    …

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The Music Box

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Looking With In

Wherelionsroam's Blog



Looking deep within

Trying to find the person inside

The one you want to be

Tirelessly seeking

Through countless mistakes

Praying to God

Your soul he will awake

Falling down

On bended knee

Tears streamin down your face

Mentally drained bordering insanity

Crying out in a loud voice

“Father can you hear me”

Stretching out your hands

As the Holy Spirit descends

Upon your tormented body

Does your heart say ‘Yes’

Does your spirit say ‘Yes’

Thoughts racing through your mind

Hearing questions

Thinking of answers

As quick as if it were a test

Suddenly you feel a weight being removed

Slowly standing up

Leaving the weight where you knelt

Still looking to the heavens

In awe of his help

Finally realizing

Your soul he has always kept

This person in question

Can be anyone

Who has lost their way

Feeling their life is done

All things are…

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