Rubber: Ummm…wait what?

Polyphonic Noise

Well I certainly had an interesting night last night. I was flipping through my Netflix queue, trying to decide on a good movie to watch, and the remote rested on one movie: Rubber. 

Rubber is an…interesting movie. I’ll set up the premise for you: it’s about a tire that one day wakes up and discovers it has psychokinetic powers. So naturally it uses these to go on a murder spree in the southwest where it blows up people’s heads with its mind. However, the whole movie also has a meta-level to it, in that the story of the tire is a “film” being watched by spectators out in the desert. And by film, I mean they sit out in the desert and watch the action unfold with binoculars.

Yeah. It’s a weird film.

An independent film directed by Quetin Dupieux and released in 2010, this movie really shatters most conventions and expectations. When I first…

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