Looking With In

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Looking deep within

Trying to find the person inside

The one you want to be

Tirelessly seeking

Through countless mistakes

Praying to God

Your soul he will awake

Falling down

On bended knee

Tears streamin down your face

Mentally drained bordering insanity

Crying out in a loud voice

“Father can you hear me”

Stretching out your hands

As the Holy Spirit descends

Upon your tormented body

Does your heart say ‘Yes’

Does your spirit say ‘Yes’

Thoughts racing through your mind

Hearing questions

Thinking of answers

As quick as if it were a test

Suddenly you feel a weight being removed

Slowly standing up

Leaving the weight where you knelt

Still looking to the heavens

In awe of his help

Finally realizing

Your soul he has always kept

This person in question

Can be anyone

Who has lost their way

Feeling their life is done

All things are…

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